SMIS Certifications is committed to the principles of impartiality embodied within the ISO 17021 standard for certification bodies offering management systems certification.

In particular reference is made to the impartiality of assessors in our internal procedures.

SMIS Certifications retains authority and responsibility for decisions made in regard to its activities.

SMIS Certifications is committed to not using its certification in such a manner as to bring the organisation into disrepute, and to not making any statements regarding its certification which it considers misleading or unauthorised.

SMIS shall not certify another certification body for its management system certification activities

SMIS shall not certify a management system on which it provided internal audits, within two years following the end of the internal audits

SMIS shall not certify a management system on which a client has received management system consultancy or internal audits, where the relationship between the consultancy organization and the certification body poses an unacceptable threat to the impartiality of the certification body

All personnel are required to declare that they are free from any undue commercial, financial or other pressures, which could affect their impartiality. Personnel who have provided consultancy within two years to the organisation seeking certification are not employed to take part in any part of the certification process.

No services are provided by SMIS Certifications that might be considered as having a conflict of interest.

SMIS Certifications avoids any situation that would create a conflict of interest arising from the activities of any related body, especially if the related body might have a vested interest in the outcome of any assessment process.

SMIS Certifications identifies and documents the possibilities for conflicts of interest arising from provision of certification whether they arise from within or from the activities of related bodies.